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about me

Raised on a diet of cult 1960s sci-fi, my obsession with everything SFX led me to study illustration and graphic design at art college.

Joined the film industry working on the stop frame animated tv series Wind In The Willows followed closely by designing and building models on Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks.

Moved to a London based animation specialist Clearwater Films as part of their in-house model making team. A year later joined PPL models & effects with a greater level of responsibility working in France, Germany and Spain. Four years later formed my own model making business Rocky Road Productions.


Current visiting lecturing posts:


When my good friend casually offered to help build my web site instead of our weekly tennis knockabout, little did we know that we wouldn't be hitting a ball for the next 8 months. - thanks Henry

Thanks to Derek at Derek Williams Film Editors for putting together my showreel montage.

Thanks also to my darling wife, teenage son, and loving dog.

Me on Hitchhiker's Aliens Alien Queen