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Model maker

Aliens was on of those rare films that allowed an enormous amount of creative freedom to interpret sketches, concepts and ideas, during 6 months at Pinewood Studios.

Detailing and dressing to:

  • exterior atmosphere processor
  • Colony complex 1/6th and 1/48th scale
  • Close-up detail to Drop Ship wing
  • 1/6th scale Drop Ship hanger
  • Sulaco miniature
  • Break away skids for Drop Ship crash sequence
  • 1/6th scale interior processor
  • Puppeteering 1/4 scale Queen
  • Stand by throughout miniature shoot

Model unit directors: Bob & Dennis Skotak

Set dressing to atmosphere processing station

Close-up atmosphere processor

1/6th scale colony complex

Close-up colony complex details

Foreground Drop Ship wing detail

Fine detail dressing to Sulaco miniature

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