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Alien vs Predator

Senior model maker

Paul Anderson's film version of the cult graphic novel Alien vs Predator was shot in Prague in 2003, and proved an overnight success amongst sci-fi fans.

Working as part of a 15 man team at Shepperton Studios during a 6 month period, culminating in setting up and shooting in Prague.

Detailing and free-form dressing to:

  • Weyland satellite maquette
  • Predator escape pod maquette
  • Supervised construction of 15' long ice breaker ship
  • Large scale fully detailed satellite
  • 1/3rd scale Queen machine
  • Puppeteering 1/3rd scale Queen during model shoot

UK model unit supervisor: Bill Pearson

Operating Queen machine from gantry

1/3 scale Queen being hoisted out of tank

Side elevation of Queen machine

Satellite maquette - made in a day

15' long ice breaker ship

Final dressing to ice breaker on set

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