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Casino Royale

Senior model maker

A big thrill to work on my first Bond film at Pinewood Studios.

Sadly, I can't take credit for the aircraft miniature which was constructed by the SFX crew but with all departments combined plus superb photography make this an almost invisible SFX sequence.

My mission:

  • Interior aircraft hanger props, dressing and art working
  • Scratch built 1/12th scale outside broadcast van (photo middle left)
  • Scratch built 1/12th scale American burger van

Dressing supervisor: Bill Pearson
SFX supervisor: Chris Corbould
Model unit Director: Steve Begg

1/12th scale miniature plane leaving hanger

SFX technician making adjustments to track

Scratch built miniature outside broadcast van

Interior hanger set dressing - me on left!

Close-up set dressing detail

Exterior hanger on decking

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