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Senior model maker

Independant sci-fi film from first time feature director Duncan Jones. Launched at Sundance, and winning Best Film at Edinburgh Film Festival, this is a film not to be missed.

Based at Shepperton Studios, the model miniatures were fabricated over a breakneck 10 week period with a crew of six, culminating in a model shoot crammed into nine days.

  • Fabrication of 1/6 scale Rover body and 3 different backs
  • Design and construction of escape shuttle, launch pad, connecting tunnel and Lunar Industries Satellite
  • Co-fabrication of 1/12 scale moonbase, Eliza miniature and moon landscape, 30' x 25'
  • Detailing, dressing and painting to 1/6 scale Jammer
  • All on-set dressing throughout miniature shoot

Moon cinema trailer

Model unit supervisor: Bill Pearson
Model unit director: Duncan Jones

Spritzing down the moon dust

Moon Rover 03

Me and Duncan (Director) baking a cake

The Moon bob-sleigh team!

Moon Rover 01 - standing by

Day 1 on the moon rover

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