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Potamus Park

Co-Creator . Producer . designer

Co-founded Zoo Gang productions with a commision from Carlton TV to create, develop and produce a new and original pre-school TV series.

Potamus Park featured a colony of colourful characters and puppets. The series was pre-produced at our studio in Putney and shot over three consecutive years at Pinewood Studios, running for 75 episodes.

  • Co-created, developed and produced series with Chris Noulton and Paul Cole.
  • Co-supervised all production design including characters, puppets, sets, props and models.
  • Occasional puppetering (Mindy, Mo and Ticker)
  • Scriptwriting and story outlines
  • Post production, delivery and budget management
  • Co-illustrated a monthly licenced children's comic based on the series

A big thank you to Michale Forte who made the whole adventure possible

The Potamus Family

The Potamus Family

Opening shot of Potamus Park

Detail from Potamus Park monthly comic

Series logo design

Ticker (on tree) telling a story

In the Potamus garden

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