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Supervising model maker

Not the classic Gerry Anderson TV series from the sixties, but the 2004 live action feature film directed by Jonathan Frakes.

  • Supervised construction of the 1/3 scale mono-rail sequence
  • An extensive miniature build/shoot in the exterior tank
  • Co-supervised construction of the miniature oil platform (1/50th scale) with Bill Pearson and a small crew
  • The platform needed to withstand extreme close up photography and was constucted in various stages of destruction
  • Co-supervised fabriaction of Thunderbird 5 model


Supervising prop maker: James Enright

1/50th scale miniature oil platform

Close-up explosion damage detail

Close-up helipad detail under construction

Wide angle view of platform detail

Thunderbird 5 miniature

On-set 1/3 scale mono-rail crash sequence

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